Endless Potential

Digital Printing


At Contrax Industrial Services we have two large format digital printers.  This enables us to turn jobs around quickly and

within budget. We use the ECO-SOL-MAX ink system which provides vibrant, solid and consistent print coverage.

We use print and cut technology which omits the need for cutting forms on certain jobs.


We digitally print on a spectrum of substrates including:  gloss/matt/clear-self adhesive vinyl, canvas, banner material and frosted vinyl.

If its for stickers; decals, signage, livery or a quick proofing copy, digital is your best choice.

Whatever your print requirements please call us! If we can’t print your job, we will know someone who can.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

A CNC laser cutter is a piece of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment that uses a focused, high-powered laser beam to mark, cut, or engrave a material to form custom shapes. Its unique design and operation make it highly accurate, especially when cutting intricate shapes and small holes.To compliment our flat bed cutter we have a laser cutter and engraver so we really do have most materials covered. 

Silkscreen Printing

The basic principal of screen printing has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. The materials and techniques however have greatly improved. As the sophistication of the industry has evolved so too has its application, even with today’s materials there is nearly always an ink capable of bonding with each of these difficult surfaces. The list of possible applications grows with each passing year. Below are some examples: wood, paper, glass and metal, plastic, textile and most painted surfaces.

We have five calibrated print benches to suit most requirements.

Whatever your print requirements please call us! If we can’t print your job, we will know someone who can.

About us

We are a family run business established in 1988 by Peter & Diane Wallace, supplying a varied range of products on a spectrum of substrates. Specialising in prototypes and priding ourselves on quick turnaround times, our dedication to quality has seen our products used and distributed world-wide through a vast range of clientele from local businesses to international blue-chip organisations.

Through the use of traditional and modern print techniques and our collective experience of over 100 years, we will typically have an established method to fulfil your print requirements.

In addition to Screen , Digital printing  and Engraving we have an in-house Guillotine, Laser, and Flatbed Cutting facility along with an Artwork Department that will happily assist your business with any Artwork requirements.

To further improve our product we are always on the lookout for technological advances and modernisation. We strive for innovation and creative thinking in accommodating clients’ complex ideas and seeing them through too fruition.

Built on a reputation of excellent customer service, fast turnarounds and exceptional quality, we are confident in our ability to tackle your toughest demands.

Please take a look at our gallery to get a better picture of the variety of our services.